What is "New component method"?

So this seems to be the most busy branch… what kinds of changes are there?
Its it ready to be used yet? What kinds of problems would i get trying to switch to this branch? :slight_smile:


Hi! So, new-component-method branch is a big refactor / reorganization of all of haxeui. Its a whole lot better, and will, at some point (hopefully) soon become the master branch, as well, as the v1.0.0 haxelib release. It was more of an undertaking that originally expected, but progress is being made.

Alot of the changes shouldnt really affect users, but certain components (like ListView) have been rewritten from the ground up for better functionality (like virtualisation - millions and millions of items, but only as many item renderers as are visible), and things like tabs can be top or bottom. Dropdowns can show any component. Plus some new and better components (ranges, better switches).

Also better binding, css animations, and a whole lot more! (so much i cant even actually remember all of it off the top of my head!)

Ideally you shouldny get “many” problems (ideally none!), if you do, i would love to hear about them. one that may catch you (but its a simple fix) is that events have moved to their own package (rather than in haxe.ui.core)

Suffice to say, that this will become master - so if you did experience issues now would be a good time to solve them / iron them out. It may be an incomplete API (in list view for example) that i havent implemented or something ive overlooked - so knowing about that now before the switch would be great!



Wow great! That and Haxeui 1.0 sounds awesome. Will it be official on haxelib then?

I’ll give the new component branch a go then!
Thank you for all your great work! :+1:

Hi these are my first steps with haxeUI and maybe I missed something, but I can’t compile the project because there some files not available.


EDIT: Okay I have to change the branch in haxeui-kha, too.

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