When haxeUI builder will be available?

when do you plan to release the haxeUI designer?
i’m eager to try haxeUI with it, and get back the adobe Flex feeling i liked so much for quick app dev.
the video you showed on twitter is very promising.
i was hopping that now v1.1 has been released, you will have more time to finish such a side tool.
haxeUI is a very important part of haxe ecosystem to drive more people out of non game community, like all businesses coming from Flex world, and the designer is very important part for this.
Impressive work anyway

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Yeah, having 1.1 released does take some time off, but not a huge amount as there is still always something to do (as well as my normal job ofc), i will certainly get round to adding some more features and fixing some bugs, that for sure, its just hard to give an ETA.

I agree the builder could be super useful, but giving a sub standard experience also makes little sense.


i understand the sub standard experience argument but considering the current state of the project, do you think that a usable ready version can be achieved in lets say around 3 month max?, or is it still too much alpha state, or because you will still have not enough time for it in next month?

don’t you think it would help to release current code on github to get help from other coders?
i think it would help at least for tests and debug. same for hxIDE.

Id like to say 3 months, it seems like long enough, but it really depends what happens in those three months and how long i can actually spend on it, time is a precious commodity for me at the moment (it seems), and juggling and context switching seems to be a constant.

Ill defo have a proper think about though! It would be good to get something out there sooner rather than later :wink:


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