Widget to draw on? Shapes, lines, points

Is there a widget that I can use to draw 2D shapes/lines/points on? I’d like to have a gui where I can, for example, slide a slider (outside of the drawing area) to increase the density of points drawn (in the drawing area), or a checkbox to select whether or not certain objects in the drawing area are allowed to move.

The idea is to have a neat animation or simulation happening within a drawing area, where I can control its parameters via gui widgets outside of the drawing area. Is there currently a way to do that with HaxeUI?


I think this is what you would be after: Canvas component?

It doesnt exist yet however :frowning:

Its something @intoxopox and myself have discussed a few times but no work has of yet started on it - i do agree it could be serious useful though, for many things.


Ah, yes, that’s what I’m looking for.

Ok. Thank you. For now, I think I’ll either try using Haxe–>JS and HTML canvas, or else look into haxeflixel.